Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Thirty-Seven: Back to the Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

Hello Everyone whom I love. (yes, even you)

So Let me try and cover everything I missed.

We had a baptism! that we missed because we had to travel as a zone to Harare. But we got to see him the following day, on Sunday. Unfortunately, he didn't make it to church in time to get confirmed. But that's okay because he made it super early the next week!

Last week I traveled to Harare with my companion to participate in the Mission Leadership Council as Zone Leaders, it was much fun.

And now I can't seem to remember what I've missed writing about. But as soon as I leave the computer I'll remember.

So I don't know what I've mentioned before about transfers to who. But I previously thought I was guaranteed to return to the Mission Office because the Senior Couple is leaving on the 29th. Well I wrote a previous email about "which means" so you know what happens.

I found out they are extending at most 5 months. So I have no clear view of my future. Everything is uncertain again, no more guaranteed future. I can be surprised again.

But only until next week, because next week is transfers, and I'll know for certain if I'm staying or going elsewhere. I'll likely stay in Bindura. I'll be starting my 7th transfer of 17 on mission.

Everything is going well still. Life is good. I'll try and send some pictures at a later point, but I need to head out for now.

Have a wonderful week all, remember the Lord loves you. You are never forgotten.

-Elder Wilcken

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