Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Fifty: Transfer 9 out of 17

This transfer is a milestone. But don't worry, I have much more work to do.

Hello my Loved Ones,

First of all, the left is Brother Madzira, the Middle is Elder Ngobi who was transferred to Bulawayo, and the right is the Brother to Brother Madzira.

And now for transfer news, the mission received like 21 new missionaries. Which is crazy. More on that later.

I am still Zone Leader of Harare East with Elder Mwetu. Our zone now has 22 proselyting missionaries. 12 Sisters and 10 Elders With the Assistants to the President, we have another 2 Elders to bring it up to 24.

We have surprisingly only one new missionary being trained in our zone, but that is because we have 5 other companionships finishing up training. One of the zones, Gweru, has literally every companionship (except Zone Leaders) Training this transfer.

With these 21 new missionaries, all of them and their trainers need to stay in Harare until Thursday-ish. So the mission needs to accomodate 42 missionaries at the transfer house and other selected houses. So for most of this week we will be helping with logistics as zone leaders.

Let me tell you all about Brother Madzira. He is scheduled to be baptized on the 24th, assuming all goes well with their civil marriage. Otherwise, he would already have been in the water. He is so prepared. When we visited Brother Madzira on Friday, he had a question from his Conference Liahona. He asked us about proxy baptisms, what they were, why they are needed, etc. We tried to teach him but then we discovered that we had somehow missed teaching him the Plan of Salvation. We explained briefly an overview of the plan (how it talks about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going), and left him the pamphlet promising him we would discuss it next we met.

When we returned on Sunday he said he read through the pamphlet and everything made so much sense. He had no questions except clarification on requirements to bring a name to the temple. He then told us he was disappointed because he didn't have much information on his anscetors and he feels sympathy for them and "want[s] to help all of them." This man is PREPARED. He is still reading in the book of Mosiah, but we found out he slowed his progression so that he could go back and review some of what he has already read. He was reading again in Jacob last I asked.

He had to miss church because of a neighborhood meeting of sorts, but his Daughters both made it to church alone (his wife is out of town till this week). Essentially, the whole family is progressing really well. They are having family prayers, and they are all coming to church as able.

Another impressive thing. A couple weeks ago the Priesthood Class discussed home-teaching, and how it needs to be done. When we visited him later that evening, he told us that he had actually just got home because on the way home he felt strongly he needed to visit one of his friends. So he did not questioning it. He wasn't sure why he did, or what made him feel it, but what he described to us was a prompting. And he followed it. It is amazing.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the long paragraphs. I just love this work. Anyway, know I am doing well. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I love you all, have a great week.

-Elder Wilcken

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