Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Forty-Seven: Maize Cake and Beef

It's like sadza but thicker. Basically it is compressed maize meal. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week has had a lot of things. I unfortunately didn't take many pictures. But here is a picture from the Baptism the other missionaries in our branch had. 

(I presided as zone leader and gave the talks on baptism and holy ghost. And closing remarks.) 

Other than that, this week had many wonderful things happen. Mostly on Sunday. 

So remember that man I mentioned last week? Who read the Book of Mormon and such? Yesterday he disappointing us by showing up just after Sacrament Meeting. But we weren't disappointed for long. Because not only did he bring some of his family, but he also brought another of our investigators who had never come to church, and another neighbor we never met. In total there were 6 people that he brought. This guy is powerful. He is called Brother Madzira. 

We later went to his house to visit with his family and meet his wife. We asked him about his Book of Mormon reading, he was about to start Words of Mormon. That is 143 pages, 6 books, in one week. 

This guy makes me so happy to be a missionary. 

Other things that happened yesterday (Sunday): 

We felt very strongly that we needed to leave for our areas after lunch. As we drove, we passed a guy pushing his car. My thoughts went to "I wonder if he needs help" and then immediately I got distracted wondering how push-starting a manual car works. A couple minutes later, when we were just up the road, my companion turned to me and asked "What was your first thought when you saw that man?" I knew what he was saying so I simply responded "Turn around, we are going back". Sure enough, Elder Ngobi in the back seat had the same thought. When we arrived we found the man with his wife and their baby. We were able to help them and got their information for the Elders in their area. 

Later that evening, when we were picking up Elders Ngobi and Guajardo to return home, we stopped and they got in the car. Elder Guajardo then said "It smells like Petrol (gasoline) in here." 

Immediately the entire car started smelling like petrol. We parked just up the street and found that our car was leaking petrol. A lot of it. (Problem with the pump or something, a pipe disconnected or burst or something). So we waited for a tow truck. While we were waiting, an investigator we had been teaching, who had moved, happened to pass by. She moved to the other Elders' area, and they were right with us. We were able to pass on the information and the mama also gave a referral of her sister. Truly we were in the right place at the right time. 

Also, one of the Zone Leaders of the Harare Marimba Zone, Elder Brooks (you may remember him from my MTC group), shared with me last Monday about a challenge he and President Mkhabelab came up with for his zone. The challenge was to double the baptismal goals for September. 

Something that would require purification of missionaries, and doubling of diligence and obedience. Essentially Exact Obedience to Expect Miracles. Well he share that challenge with me, and so we extended it to our zone. 

At the Zone Training Meeting people were shocked at the thought. But most of them agreed right there. Our original idea for the zone was 38-39 baptisms for September. Double that would be 76-78. Currently we have 54 baptismal dates extended and 62 investigators at Sacrament Meeting yesterday. And September hasn't started yet. The first thing some of our Sisters said when they saw us today was "We are going to get those 8 baptisms. It is all we can talk about lately." 

The Missionaries in our zone are so powerful, and they have such great faith and desires for good Some of them have over tripled their goal in extending baptismal dates. I know that even if they don't reach the goal, the Lord will be pleased with them. 

It feels so good to feel like a profitable servant of the Lord. I don't mean with numbers, even if we baptized no one I would still feel profitable. Because we are increasing in diligence. We are being more exactly obedient. We are serving more with our heart, mind, might and strength. Our joy is great in the service of the Lord. 

I know that truly this is His work. Without his hand in this work, we are simply salesmen. He is the true head of the missionary effort. 

I love you all, thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. You all make me happy.

-Elder Wilcken

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