Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Forty-Two: I Don't Understand Birds

Hello my people back home,

Before anything else is said, the birds won't leave us alone. Now in case you think "bird" is slang for something else like girls, it isn't.

Since Thursday morning, 5 days in a row so far without fail, just before 6:30am, these two birds (the same two each morning) decide they want to peck on our sliding glass door and chirp loudly. Not just to wake us up, but they continue all through our studies as well.

We just don't understand it at all.

But otherwise, this week has been very.

I'll go best to craziest:
We had a joint baptism, with 7 people baptized, 2 of them from our branch.  (One was a Child of Record)

The curfew ended on Tuesday, as expected.
An Elder got Emergency Transferred to go elsewhere, so we got a new Elder in our zone for the rest of the transfer.
There was a huge fire in one of the fields.

An Elder got very sick, we took him to the clinic, I got to be an ambulance, and he was perfectly fine by the next day.

I'll describe it in his own words: "I threw up, they took a blood sample, I was dehydrated, then I had low blood pressure, so they gave me salty water."

At one point they needed to transfer him to the hospital from the clinic (because it was closing time), and didn't want to have the hassle and fee for ambulance, so I drove with the Elder in the passenger seat, the doctor and his companion in the back seat holding up his saline drip. It was interesting.

Other than that the week has been pretty calm.

In other news, our zone's goal for Baptisms was 16 this month, and so far we have 18 with potential of 30+ by the end. So we are very happy.

I know that we couldn't do so well on our own efforts. This is why I am happy to be serving the Lord.

Have a wonderful week, I love you all.
-Elder Wilcken
PS: We went to the "pyramids" again this morning.

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