Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Forty-Six: Not a Korokoza Pastor

Hello everyone back home,

First of all let me say, I forgot to explain what "On-Call Office Elders" means.

Essentially, as Zone Leaders in Harare, we can be called to the office at any time. In fact, President Mkhabela told me he made me close to the office so that I could be called in if my help was needed. This happened the first day of the transfer. During our Companionship Study, President called and asked us to come to the office to help. When we arrived, we found out that the assignment was already taken care of, so we returned to the area.

Now for this week, a "Korokoza" is a type of gold-panner. Who goes into old mines to sift and look for left-over gold.

We met a very eccentric man called "Pastor Domingo" who claims that he is not a korokoza pastor. among other wonderfully quotable phrases. He calls us the "Men of God" and tells us to "Plunder them from hell, to plant them in Heaven".

And before things get on a serious note, look what Elder Guajardo can do:

Yes, that is really real.

Now one day we arrived at a members house and witnessed something amazing.

I feel that the hymn we were listening to makes it all the better.

Also we found a hat in our car.

And this is the border between our Area and Tafara. The left side of the picture is Tafara, the Right is Eastview (technically its all Eastview, but our branch boundary is on the right)

Now on more serious note.
We have met a man so prepared for the gospel, that it warms my heart. We taught him about the restoration of the gospel on Thursday evening, and then when we returned on Saturday he asked us about "Mormon" and "Joseph Smith History" So that night we taught him about the Book of Mormon.

When we offered him a copy and asked if he would read it and pray to know if it was true, he looked us in the eyes and said: "You mean I can read it myself? I don't need to just believe? I can really ask God for revelation?" We shared with him again the verse in James 1:5. And he seemed so happy. Right then we asked him that if he felt the book was true, if he would be baptized. He committed right there and promised to come to church the next day.

As we attended church, we were disappointed to find that none of our investigators showed up. However, near the end of Sacrament Meeting, we got a phone call. It was this Brother who said "I'm at the shops right now, which way is the church?" We stepped outside to welcome him, Book of Mormon in hand, to the end of Sacrament Meeting and the classes.

When we visited him that evening, first of all, he still had his Book of Mormon in hand. But secondly as we approached his house, we saw that he was showing it to someone else.

He informed us that he discovered he had taken a long path to church, and that he was shown a shorter, more direct way for next week. We asked about his Book of Mormon reading and he told us that he had read the first 5 chapters of each of the first books, through Mosiah. All within 24 hours. He then asked us if it would be okay for him to bring some other people with him to Church next week. We assured him that it is more than okay, and also informed him that he could invite them to meet with us as well.

This man is truly one who was prepared to receive us. In fact, he made our entire week. We had some struggles this week with zone leader responsibilities, and appointments falling through. But though our hearts were depressed, we bore with patience our afflictions, and the Lord gave us success.
I truly know that this work is the Lords, and without him we cannot have any lasting success. Truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. I know He lives and loves each one of us.

Have a wonderful week.

-Elder Wilcken

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