Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Fifty-Two: A Marriage and a Baptism

Hello my lovely family and friends!

This week was the week long awaited, The Madziro family got civilly married, and Baptized!
It almost all fell through when there was a misunderstanding about the marriage certificate, but the Lord answered our prayers and things were resolved.

It was a very small wedding, only a few in attendance.

The Sister Missionaries were there, they assisted with organization, as their Bishop was the one who performed the Marriage

This is just before the kiss. I have a picture of the kiss, but I was unsure if I should send it.

This was a selfie I took.

This is the happy couple with the marriage officer and their certificate.

And this is the entire group at the baptism, just an hour later.

Here is an SDA bus that I saw today that made me chuckle.

What else is there to share?
Oh yeah, today marks the one year until my release date. Saturday is one year from the MTC start date. So this week is the middle of my mission. Do not fear however, I will not stop climbing.
In other news, our zone didn't make the goal. We achieved 30/64 baptisms. Which at first was really disappointing to me, until I learned what the Lord was teaching us. We had been "Expecting miracles" but we slipped into the bad habit of "requiring miracles". The Lord had truly shown us many miracles this month, only they weren't the ones we were desiring, so we were feeling unfaithful. I have since learned humility, and I have been assured that the Lord of the Harvest is in control, and he will raise them up in his time. This month was a month of sanctification. "For tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among us" Even though we didn't even reach half of our goal, the baptisms we missed were all postponed until october, and so many more people have been prepared. If the Lord is willing, we will have great blessings and miracles from him. All things are done in the Lord's time, and we cannot force His hand or counsel Him. I am still very grateful for the efforts of our zone, for they truly have been diligent and faithful servants.
Other than that, things are good. All is well. I am super happy to be here in Zimbabwe. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, I love you all.
-Elder Wilcken

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