Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Forty-Eight: A Lot of Faith. And Banana Bread

Hello my Family and Loved ones,

This week has been a lot of great things. First of all, our zone is very faithful. We asked them to double their personal goals for baptisms. Most of them did, some maintained. But our prediction for the month of September was 38. Our goal is now 64. And we have the faith that we can achieve.

But this is so wonderful, because even if we do not, we will still likely exceed what we first thought. It is wonderful to see the missionary work progressing.

Now for some pictures. This is a part of our area. (For an idea of what it looks like)

It is phase 10 of 24ish. We have a big area. We mostly proselyte in phases 2-6

These kids live at or near the members where we park our car everyday.

They love us.

This is a well that is being dug. But they hit a rock they need to blast.

And this is today in the mission office.

We had to all come to the mission office to email because of the things happening in town. We are safe, all is well.
In other news, I made banana bread that people loved. In fact they loved it so much that they pleaded for me to make more. I brought some to the mission office and it was devoured by everyone. It was wonderful.
I hope all of you are doing well. Time is out for Preparation Day, so I will let you know more things next week. I love you all.
-Elder Wilcken

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