Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Fifty-Three: The Summit

This last week was the middle of my mission. However a Mission Mountain is different than a normal mountain. Once you reach the summit, you still need to climb.

Hello my loved ones,

This week I had decided would set the tone for the rest of my mission. I told myself, If I can work super hard through this week, I can continue to work super hard through the rest of mission. Then something happened.

Monday was Preparation Day. We had to go to the office, email, etc, all the important things. Then I got sick at night.

Tuesday we were called upon to run to the office to pick up money and then to buy Juice for one of the zone conferences that was occuring. At this point I was still sick. We returned to the area for lunch, which I couldn't eat, and then I was told by Sister Mkhabela to go to the clinic in town. Long story short, we spent the entire day in town.

Wednesday was our own zone conference, luckily I was feeling a bit better. But the conference went from 9:30am to 4pm. We left the office around 5pm, got home around 6pm. Then that night we got a call that Elder Mahlangu, our District Leader had an Emergency Transfer to become a Zone Leader in Gweru. So guess what,

Thursday morning we had to take him to the mission office. Then we had to pick up the Elder from Gweru at the Bus at1:30, and take him to his new area. We got back to our area around 3pm.

Friday morning we got another phone call, this time a sister was emergency transferred to Bindura.

So yet again, we had to go to the office to help with transfers.

Saturday and Sunday were the only "quiet" days this last week.

Oh and it was hot. Like really hot, a heatwave was going on. Which also hindered the work because we needed to care for our physical health by drinking fluids and resting in the shade during the hottest times of the day.

So essentially, this last week was a practice week. I'm going to continue to work hard though.
But in other news, the zone conference was super spiritual and great. We learned a lot from one another and our Mission President. They taught us more about finding, teaching, and baptizing, and they re-emphasized the importance of repentance for our converts. To turn from their old ways.
And we took a lot of pictures.

This is our district, as it originally was. And yes, we four elders have matching ties.

Left to right: Sisters Walbeck and Wells, Elders Wilcken, Guajardo, Mahlangu, and Mwetu, and Sisters Park and Richards

This is showing how everyone was in groups taking pictures together.

This is (Right to Left) Myself, Elder Banda, and Elder Nkhonjera.

Elder Nkhonjera is the new District Leader that replaced Elder Mahlangu

These are the Assistants to the President, Elder Robison and Elder Mtetwa.

I am standing up straight in front of them, they are tall.

I have really good balance. I beat Elder Mtetwa in a race with water bottles on our heads.

We walked from the chapel, to the parking lot, to the mission office. And then I walked back.
Otherwise, things are well. Life is good. I am happy. I have a little less than a year left of this wonderful land, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it and serve all I can.

I love you all. I know this is the Lord's work. He has been so mindful of us in this Land. I am happy to be his Missionary.

Have a wonderful week,

-Elder Wilcken

PS. Thoughts and prayers are still loved and appreciated, especially for my zone. We have the same goal as last month of 64 baptisms. And though we achieved only 30 last month, I have super high hopes for this month.

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