Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Thirty-Eight: Starting #7

Hello my dearest people,

How are things?

Today is the start of my 7th Transfer. Which means I've been in
Zimbabwe for 38 weeks. I think. Which makes it seem small compared to
the 104 weeks a mission is.

So everyone is aware, I am staying in Bindura for this transfer and
continuing as a Zone Leader with my companion Elder Chibanda. Our zone
of 12 lost 6 missionaries, and is gaining 4 more. So we will have 10
serving here in Bindura. (President says a zone is supposed to have at
least 14)

We had a baptism this week, which was great. Brother Sondo is a
wonderful man. (The one next to me in the Picture). Elder Chibanda
performed the baptism for us, as well as the Elders serving in
Chipadze, who taught the other two in white.

I suddenly can't remember much of what I wanted to say. But things are good!

I was going to send many pictures today, however the internet
connection is slow.

Everything is going well. I am surprising many people with how much I
am understanding Shona. They will be talking in Shona and I'll find
myself acknowledging or responding in English, or following what they
say. Which makes them say "Ah, you know Shona now!" Which I deny
because I really don't know much Shona. I understand sparatic words,
hand motions, and my companion. It is fun however to deny knowing
Shona, in Shona.

Well unless I have more to say later, and better internet connection,
That's all for now.
Have a wonderful week you all. Thank you for your prayers and
thoughts. May the Lord bless you in all your efforts this week.
-Elder WilckenPictures:

The first is me watching out for my companion

the second is my companion, the Branch Missionary Brother Dumi, and I

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