Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week Forty: And the Fall Thereof was Exceedingly Great

Well, first of all there was a Zone Conference on Wednesday, for the 4 zones near Harare. So we drove to that, 87+ km both ways. It was very spiritually uplifting.
We had a pretty calm Thursday, then a busy Friday. As zone leaders we had perform interviews for baptismal candidates, and had to have our district leader interview our candidates. We interviewed 7 people for our DL, and they interviewed 2 for us. It went very well I would say.
Saturday was a very, very, very long day. First of all we were awoken at 5:30 with a phone call from a District High councilman. We again awoke at 6:30 (like we supposed to) and got a phone call from the APs that we needed to drive to Harare ASAP to pick up allotment for our Elders. Just as I was about to step into the shower my companion informed me we had permission to wait till after the baptisms.
11 Baptisms occurred in our zone, just fyi.

We first had to drive the Elders from Woodbrook to town to run some errands before the Baptism, we had our own baptism to attend, and then halfway through ours we get a call that one of the Baptismal Candidates (who was getting married also that day in order to be baptized) left his ID at home, 7km away. So we had to run to get them to get the ID and then rush back.
Finally when all of the Baptisms were successful, we had to drive to Harare. Driving that trip isn't very fun. It gets boring and tiring. But ah well, such is life as a ZL.
Sunday we had both of our candidates Confirmed as members, and also had 7 of our investigators at Church. (Previously we were lucky to have 2). So things are progressing very well for us.

In other news, the creation of Jesus Christ's church can be shown with Pamphlets.
Built on Apostles, Prophets, and Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. (the center one) When Christ leaves the earth, you can remove the middle pamphlet and the church stands. But when you then remove Apostles and/or Prophets, it shows how the church fell into apostasy.

But no one yet made the Great and Spacious Building, so I did.

And the fall thereof was exceedingly great.

So yes, I am enjoying mission. But don't worry, I didn't waste too much time on that.
Have a wonderful week you all. I love you so much. May the Lord bless you in all that you do.
-Elder Wilcken

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