Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Two: "We're in Africa."

Greetings all! I am alive and sending this from the South Africa Missionary Training center. It is 7:50 pm, Wednesday night, as I am typing this. We American Elders arrived early, the natives arrive tomorrow morning. And since we are here before our report date, the MTC president, Pres. Collins is allowing us to email home.

So here's how things went down:
After Michael dropped me off at the airport security in SeaTac, I flew to Atlanta Georgia. On that flight I sat by a college student who played Pokemon on his phone. I used that as a way to start a conversation with him, then he asked about my mission. I left him a pass along card and he accepted it, so I hope something happens with that.

I then had a 40 minute layover, so as soon as I was off my first flight, I had to rush over to my Johannesburg flight which was already boarding. I was sitting next to a couple, where the girl was traveling to study for her phd in something. I didn't hear what the subject was unfortunately.

The flight was long and exhausting, the food was tolerable, I got to read a lot from my Book of Mormon, but finally, after 14 h 45 min, we arrived in South Africa. And immediately I found 3 other elders. Elders California, Idaho, and Texas. As we walked to the passport check, we met up with Elders Utah and Utah. (I learned their names later, California= Elder Brooks, Idaho= Elder Merrell, Texas= Elder Allen, and Utah= Robinson and Billings).

After we found our luggage we were greeted by a huge crowd of EVERYONE picking up anyone at the airport. They were all so happy. So cheerful, a lot a laughing. It was very heartwarming. At one point, a famous prophet from another religion arrived and so the crowd erupted into cheering and vuvuzela trumpeting. In the middle of a crowd, a man waved to us. It was the MTC Manager, Brother Makobe. He checked all our names, got our driver to pick us up, and then we left for the MTC.

South Africa roads are very interesting. I'll leave it at that.

Since the time we Elders got together, every hour or so, a couple of us would have the realization "We're in Africa."

It truly is an amazing place and I've been here for less than 4 hours.

There are 6 of us Elders here currently in the MTC, there's one more native Elder arriving tomorrow, and then a few Sisters arrive tomorrow as well. This is a small MTC class. My current companion is Elder Merrell. Tomorrow at 11:am this time zone is when our MTC course starts, so Pres. Collins say we may be able to email tomorrow morning before then.

Until next time, I love you all, I know this is where I need to be. I miss you all, but I'll see you in two years.

(above) Elders Merrell, Robinson, Allen, Brooks, and Billings behind Elder Wilcken

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