Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Three: End of MTC and First Week in Zimbabwe

So I rushed last week because I was going to the South Africa Temple again. It was so great!

The rest of the MTC was more of lessons and preparing for the field. On the last Sunday we watched Meet the Mormons, and then realized that the last family, the Elder Armstrong went to the South Africa MTC, in the 141st group! We found his picture in the records.

When we left the MTC we parted ways with Elder Matare who went to Capetown, and Elders Brooks and Robison who went to Zambia while they wait for their visas.

When we arrived in Zimbabwe we were taken to the mission office where we got to meet Pres Mkhabela, his wife, the assistants to the President, the office workers, and our trainers! My trainer for the next 11ish weeks is Elder Makoni, from Zimbabwe. We are currently serving in Bindura, in the Woodbrook branch area. We live in a mission house with Elder Banda and Elder Sanyawu.

Bindura is very dusty, it's hot, the power is only only at random times in the day, but I still love it here. The people are so welcoming and friendly. Little kids will stare wide eyed at me, and the yell "How are you?" and will giggle when I respond and ask how they are. Even if they are very far away, if they see me they yell "How are you?"

I'm beginning to learn a bit of Shona, just simple greetings. There is a family here that has really been helping me feel at home, the Tom family. The moma only speaks shona so the baba has been helping me learn words.

We actually had a baptism for Spencer, who was the only one in the Tom family to not be a member yet. Elder Makoni and Elder Banda had been teaching him, so yesterday. Makoni let me perform the baptism. It was such a wonderful experience. I've only known Spencer a few days but I am so excited for him.

Now I have many pictures to send home, including pictures from the baptism. But I don't currently have a way to upload them. So pictures will have to wait until I can do that. All the missionaries in the Zone email from the same Internet Cafe, so the network is also slow. But at least we can email.

If anyone has any questions for me I will try to answer them in personal emails. But I may not get to everyone each week. Still feel free to email me.

I know I am doing the Lord's work, I know this gospel changes lives. I know the Book of Mormon is holy scripture revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

I love you all, I love the work.

Elder Wilcken

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