Monday, December 21, 2015

Week One: First Prep Day

My goodness this week has been so amazing, however I only have a short amount of time to email so I will try and get everything. I am going to get a second opportunity to visit the Johannesburg Temple shortly so I am giving up a portion of my prep day for that wonderful opportunity. I hope you all understand, I don;t know that I'll have time to respond to everyone today that I want to but I'll be sure to respond as soon as I can. Probably when I'm in the field and have normal Prep Days, not just an hour or so to do everything.

First of all let me just say, General Conference was absolutely wonderful. I loved hearing from President Monson and the other general authorities. My favorite talks I'll have to go over in a later email because of my shortness of time.
This whole MTC experience has taught me so much, here are a few of the highlights:

I cannot do this on my own, having the spirit with me while I teach is an absolute necessity.

Being humble and letting go of what you think needs to happen can go a long way to having things go the Lord's way.

Being unified with your companion is very important to being able to listen to the spirit.

I've been able to have some amazing experiences in South Africa, More details can be given with time and questions.

We got to watch each session of conference as an entire MTC group, all 9 missionaries and President and Sister Collins. We got to watch Saturday and Sunday morning sessions live (at 6:00pm here), and then we got to view Saturday afternoon, Priesthood, and Sunday Afternoon with recordings.

We were privileged to attend to Johannesburg Temple as an MTC group. The Temple grounds are absolutely beautiful, I took many pictures that I can share once I get to Zimbabwe.

Before we went to the temple however, we got to have a devotional with an Area Authority, Walter Chatora. It was truly an amazing experience all together.

We were able to visit the distribution center as well, where I purchased an Elephant Scripture case and a new Pocket hymnal with a cutout Ostrich in the shape of Africa.

Other than the Extraordinary things, most of the MTC experience has been a lot of studying, practicing teaching, and learning to recognize promptings of the Spirit the spirit, We have been teaching "Progressive Investigators" who are really just our teachers, but it has really helped us learn the importance of knowing and loving those you teach. It has been very difficult at times, but Elder Merrell and I have learned so much already and have improved a lot.

Elder Merrell is a wonderful companion and is very encouraging and helpful with my learning, and I do what I can to help him as well. Oh yeah, and we were called to be the MTC zone leaders, so we've also learned a lot about leadership.

I'm running short on time so I'll say goodbye for this week, I don't know when my next chance to email will be, but I will do what I can to respond to all who email me, so feel free to do so.

I love you all and I want you to know, I feel so blessed to be serving here in Africa. This place is so lovely and the people here have very strong faith. My love for them grows everyday. I know I was called to serve here for a purpose and as I strive to serve the people here I know I'll feel their love and the Love of our Heavenly Father.

Until next time,
Elder Wilcken

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