Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Five: Raining in Zimbabwe and Going to the Clinic

This week it rained twice. It rained hard and for a short time.

Last Monday we went to a place called Paradise. There were a lot of rocks, and an old dry riverbed. It was very pretty and a fun little hike.

So I had to go to the clinic in town on Wednesday with my companion because his hand had been hurting for 5 weeks. He is getting better now so that is good. But at the clinic we had a few people come and talk to us, asking questions about missionary work and we had quite a few contacts, which was all good.

I then had to go to the clinic again on Friday because I was having some pain at the back of my tongue, people thought it might've been tonsillitis but luckily my tonsils are fine. The doctor said it was likely to be just a flu and with the help of modern medicine I am doing a lot better. Let me just say when it hurts to move your tongue even the slightest bit, eating and talking is very difficult.
We have started teaching many new investigators this week. One of them was the first guy I ever contacted, we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and he seemed very receptive and interested. He said he really wanted to come to church and felt it was important.

We also got to teach a Pastor. We talked with him about the nature of God and the godhead for a long time, going back and forth for quite some time. It seemed like it was going nowhere until we got to share the restoration lesson. When we got to explaining the First Vision, I recited it from memory for him. And let me tell you, that account is just as powerful as they say. He said after that he had no doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he accepted the Book of Mormon and committed to read it and pray about it. We haven't yet been able to follow up with him as of yet, but I'm very hopeful for him.

There is another very sweet family that we have had the privilege of teaching, however we think we gave them the wrong impression on our first visit. They appear to think we are just there for bible study and they don't know we have more messages to share with them about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. However we are still very hopeful for them.

Remember that young man I said I baptized my first Sunday here? Well he got confirmed yesterday! And what's even better is he has received the Aaronic priesthood and is helping us teach his grandparents, who have a baptismal date November 22nd.

The work is certainly progressing. I know without a doubt that I am doing the Lord's work. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. I have a testimony that prayers are answered and that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us.

Until next week,
Elder Wilcken
Helaman 5:47

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