Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Seven: Going to the Clinic and a Baptism for 9 People

Most of this week was spent going to the Clinic, First my dear companion Elder Makoni was feeling really sick, so I let him nap most of the day, and when I woke him up he had a high fever. So we went to the Clinic.

Then I was informed I needed a blood test to see if my liver could handle getting a new antibiotic, and so I had to go for that and then rest to recuperate. And also another Elder in the house, Elder Banda has had some health problems and he had to go for a post-medication checkup.

But besides that, we had a wonderful week in the Woodbrook Branch. Elders Banda and Sanyawu taught many investigators and got them ready for baptism. So we had a marriage, and then that couple was baptized a few minutes later, along with 7 other investigators!

They asked me to help baptize, and I of course accepted. I baptized 6 of them, the youngsters, and then our Branch President, President Moya, baptized the adults. It was wonderful, and all 9 of them were confirmed the following day at church.

This marks the start of my last week in my first transfer on my mission. The Lord is truly blessing me.

My scripture to Ponderize this week: 1 Nephi 2:14-15

Until next time,
-Elder Wilcken

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