Monday, July 24, 2017

Week Ninety-One: Every Day is "Monday"

In the Mission Office, Monday is the busiest day. Last week, every day was Monday.

To my dearest everyone,

Last Monday was transfer day, where missionaries move between areas in the mission. Tuesday is the day that finished missionaries depart and new missionaries arrive from the MTC. Wednesday we normally have training for the new missionaries, and then following that everything is calm.

Not this week though!
Monday went as expected. Tuesday we got 4/5 departing missionaries out of Zimbabwe. The 5th one however had her flight itinerary changed with no notice to us and so instead of leaving her at the airport as expected, we had to bring her back to the mission office with the new missionaries.

On Tuesday we also got 4/5 incoming missionaries. The 5th one was supposed to arrive straight from provo on the evening of Wednesday. Unfortunately, his passport wasn't gotten to him in time, and so his flights were delayed. He didn't arrive until Friday evening.

On Wednesday the trainings occurred and mostly went smoothly. We then had to pick up a returned missionary from the airport at 11am to take him to the bus stop. His flight had a technical problem and thus he was dropped off in Zambia. The alternate flight was to have them here by 5pm. When we went at 5pm, we learned the flight didn't go to zambia at all, and actually the passengers would arrive at 11pm. By Midnight there was no sign of any missionary.

The following morning, Thursday, we finally were able to pick up the Elder at 11am. And take sisters to their area. And we worked with President on agenda's for upcoming meetings.

Friday we finally were able to teach some lessons, but then we had to return to the office in the afternoon for some more logistics and then in the evening picking up the new missionary. His companion, Elder McDougal had been with us since Monday.

And on Saturday we did the orientation for the new missionary including Breakfast at the mission home.

Every Day was busy, every day we went to the Office, every day was "Monday"

But nevertheless, the work is good. The work is moving forward. This week is MLC and we also hope to do exchanges with the Bindura Zone Leaders, so we should make some good progress.

I know that I am doing the work of the Lord, even though it may not always be the standard "thrusting in of a sickle". I know that he is really there and that he loves us all. I hope you all have a wonderful week.
-Elder Wilcken

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