Monday, July 24, 2017

Week Eighty-Six and Eighty-Seven: Busy Busy

Hello my dear everyone,

So far being an Assistant to the President has been very very busy. On the first week we had to perform logistics for the departing missionaries and the new missionaries. In one day we had to go to the airport for 5 different flights throughout the day. We had to set up, attend, and host two different dinners and lead a portion of the Training Meeting for the new ones.

Last week we had the Mission Leadership Council on Monday and Tuesday which included hosting another dinner and training the Leaders on policies for meetings and record-keeping. The rest of last week was more normal in that we got to go to our area for most of it.

We have found quite a few new investigators as a companionship, and we also have many investigators on track to be baptized this month. There are two couples that want to get married so that they can get baptized, including their child(ren). Things are looking very up for us.

Today we have to drive from Harare to Gweru (about a 4 hour road trip), so we are leaving a little bit before preparation day ends. Tomorrow we have a zone conference there and then we are going to Bulawayo on wednesday to do exchanges with the zone leaders there, then back to harare for another zone conference on Friday. So this is going to be another very busy week. But the work is good.

I hope you all are doing very well. I am grateful to hear from those who are able to write.

I know that this is true, that really God is there and that he knows us. I have felt the peace that comes from going to him in prayer. I know that truly Christ died for our sins to allow us to be forgiven. I know that they love every single person in this world.

Have a wonderful week, I love you all.
-Elder Wilcken

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