Monday, July 24, 2017

Week Eighty-Eight: Been to Bulawayo

But I still can't speak Ndebele.
And now for a chapter from the Book of Wilcken:

The Assistants to President Mkhabela travel to Gweru for a Zone Conference. They Perform Exchanges with the Bulawayo Zone Leaders. They return to Harare for a Zone Conference. Week 88

    1. And it came to pass that we traveled to Gweru for the gathering of the Missionary Zones and we did organize them and did teach them the will of the Lord pertaining to their gatherings and their record keeping.
    2. And we saw that the Elders, yea, and even the Sisters, did understand the word of the Lord and they did accept it with gladness.
    3. And it came to pass that we did proceeded forth unto the land of Bulawayo where we dwelt with the leaders of that zone for a time, and worked with them in bringing souls unto Christ.
    4. And behold, the field is white, and we beheld that their labor is not in vain.
    5. And it came to pass that I, Elder Wilcken, said unto my companion "These Elders are doing well."
    6. And he spake unto me saying, "Let us go back up to the land of Harare, unto our own area. For it must needs be that we organize the Missionary Zones there and in the land round about, that they too may know the will of the Lord pertaining to their gatherings and the keeping of their records.
    7. And it came to pass, that we did take our journey into the wilderness, and did pass through the city Gweru, and the city of Kwekwe, and the city of Kadoma, and the lad of Chegutu, up until a time that we were stopped by the way and were questioned about with many words.
    8. And behold, we did impart unto them of the Word of God, and they rejoiced among themselves as we continued our journey into the wilderness.
    9. And it came to pass that we did join the servants of the Lord that dwelt in Harare and in the Land round about, and we did administer unto them according to their needs.
    10. And we did behold that their labor was pleasing unto the Lord. And thus ended the 86th week since Elder Wilcken entered Zimbabwe.

-Elder Wilcken.

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