Monday, July 24, 2017

Week Eighty-Two: It's MLC Monday Again

Hello my loved ones,

Yes, even you. You don't think I know that you read this. But you are one of my loved ones as well.
It is time again for the Missionary Leadership Council. And as such I am in Harare again. It was a long trip on the Bus, and I sang hymns for most of it. I thought the engine was too loud for me to be heard, but apparently the missionaries around me could hear me, and apparently I disturbed their sleep. But one of them joined me in singing near the end, so it wasn't all bad.

Let me give details for what has occurred recently with our baptismal goals. Earlier in the Month we Baptized Bro. Lesley and Sis. Panashe, and though one of them had a delayed confirmation, they both are confirmed now. This last Saturday we baptized a brother named Leonard and he also got confirmed yesterday, so we had 3 baptisms for our area.

Our Zone ended with a total of 23 Baptisms, 20 Confirmations for the month of April. Our goal was 40, so in short, this was much better than last month's 13.

"Even Miracles take a little time."

Our goal this month is 43. Because that is what the missionaries sent to us. We were well pleased.
And in other news, Shurugwi is being prepared by the Lord.

I went there on Wednesday on exchanges with one of the Assistants to the mission president. We had 4 lessons set in an area called Ironsides, but all 4 of them fell through, and it was still early in the morning. So we went tracting and found 3 lessons to make up for it. That last lesson was a bit of a miracle.

We were heading towards our car, and I stopped at a pathway, put my arms out to the side for emphasis, and declared "I have never gone past this line." I stood for a few seconds, then dropped my arms and said "Lets go find someone."

We walked to the next street, and I stopped and saw a man walking up the road. I decided to talk to him, and I stood awkwardly in the middle of the road as my companion and our Ward Missionary went to contact some people on the side. I stood there until the man got near, then I greeted him in Shona. I introduced myself in Shona and he was impressed that I spoke. I told him I was still learning and then shared the message of "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" with him. I showed him the pamphlet and summarized the message as I flipped through the pages. When I nearly finished, he interrupted me and asked "Are you selling this?"

I explained "No, we give them for free but we also put our phone number on the back if you have questions."

He responded simply with "I need this."

I asked where he was going and he said home, I asked if he was busy and he said no. I asked if we could come and share the message right then and he said of course.

We followed him to his house, he introduced us to his neighbors, showed us clearly where he stayed so that we wouldn't get lost, and then sat down with us and let us share. As we share the message with him, he loved it so much. We testified of it's truth and he felt the Spirit. We invited him to come to church and he eagerly accepted. Then our ward missionary invited him to prepare for baptism, and he accepted a baptismal date. It was wonderful.

We have had so many other wonderful experiences in Shurugwi that I cannot describe in brevity. But the last one I will share is our trip on Saturday with President Mkhabela.

He agreed to go there with us because I felt strongly that it needed a branch. We rode with him in his vehicle and as we brought him to the first neighborhood we wanted to show him, he was very impressed. So impressed that he actually slowed his car to a stop in the middle of the road and looked at all that he could see. He then stated that this place needs the church. As we lead him around he became more and more amazed, even began making plans on the quickest and best way to get a branch there. Also explaining that we need to bring the Stake President there to see it, how he wishes we could've brought one of the Area Presidency there, etc. The more he saw the more he agreed, this place needs the church.

The current hope is that the Stake can extend the boundaries to include it, and then start a group and a branch. That should be much quicker than starting a mission branch, but if it isn't going to work out President Mkhabela said he would be willing to try.

This place is so ready for the Gospel that we are literally seeing so many things fall into place. It is wonderful.

I love you all, I love this work. I have had so much joy recently, it is wonderful.

I know that Heavenly Father lives and that he knows me and each one of you. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that he lives and that he loves us all. I know this through the unspeakable power of the Holy Ghost. This is truth, and I love it.

Have a wonderful week.

-Elder Wilcken

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