Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weeks Fifty-Six and Fifty-Seven: Two Weeks at Once!

So I decided that because you all must miss me so much, it would be more fun for you if you got to read about two weeks at the same time! That's like double the amount of Elder Wilcken!

Unfortunately I couldn't talk about the future, because of complications in the order of space and time. But instead I will talk about the past!

(This is how I say sorry I didn't end up sending an email last week)

I will talk about both weeks in these terms: Last week (the week before the 24th) and This week (the week before the 31st).

Dear Everyone,

Last week was great. It was the last week of transfers (which is why I couldn't find time to email).

So Last week, we had a lot of fun stuff going on. The most noteworthy one was that the Tafara Sisters in our district (before transfers mind you) had a Chapel Open House. It was a lot of fun and also very spiritual.

Here is some of the fun (couldn't take pictures of spiritual):

This is some of the people:

This is me being awesome at Jump Rope:

This is our district taking a selfie:

This is our district not taking a selfie:

This is our district taking a selfie again:

*BONUS* Elder Guajardo started to get translated (taken up by the Lord):

So as of the 24th of October, I am now still Zone Leader of Harare East Zone! Only this time, I am training a new zone leader. My new companion is Elder Luvuno. You may remember him from when he was companions with Elder Guajardo in Bindura. He is a great guy. This week was spent showing him the area, and teaching him some of the responsibilities of being a zone leader.

If you are wondering what happened to Elder Mwetu, well he is now Assistant to the President. Which put me as the senior companion over the largest zone in the mission (26 missionaries).

And now for this week. As I said it was the first week of transfers. It was also the last 4 days for the Petersons. They are now returning home, and the new office couple is settled in. This is me and my "posterity". I trained Sister Peterson on the left who then trained Sister Selcho on the right:

And as for the rest of this week, it was a whole lot of working. We had to travel far to an area called Arcturus to do baptismal interviews and help with he baptism because there are no missionaries there! Just branch missionaries doing all the work. And they did amazing. 10 Baptisms this Saturday.

The Candidates and brother Simbarache (the Branch Mission Leader):

Behold the Waters of Arcturus (for thus have I called them):

And then look, we had our own baptism as well:

Now I am sure this all looks impressive. And for those of you who have been reading my emails for a while, you may remember we had a goal of 64 baptisms in the month of September, of which we achieved 33. This month we had the same goal of 64. And we achieved 62. So if people ask if miracles have ceased, I will say unto them, "Nay". Thank you to everyone who had been praying for the missionary work. It certainly is progressing well.

In other news, I am now pretty good at driving manual (stick-shift).

As for everything else, tomorrow is the Missionary Leadership Council so it is a busy week again.
However know that I am happy and well. And the Lord is blessing us.

Until next week, stay happy and healthy. The Lord loves you all.

-Elder Wilcken

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