Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week Fifty-Eight: A Very Long Week that Flew By

Hello my loved family and friends,

I hope all is well.

This week was crazy. We had something come up each day of the week that caused us to have little time in our area. On Monday and Tuesday we had MLC, we didn't leave the mission office till around 4pm on Tuesday. and following that we had to travel to Arcturus to pick up baptismal records.

Wednesday we had to take the sister missionaries from Mabvuku all the way to Borrowdale to the clinic (it's far), and then afterwards had to pick up prescriptions and help them find a working atm because there is a cash shortage. We finished around 3pm.

Thursday we again had to take them to the clinic in the morning. And surprisingly that finished quickly. So we returned home. Then we learned that we needed to take the Queensdale sisters to find an atm as well. When we finished with that we again returned home. Then we got a phone call telling us that we had to transport missionaries for the Emergency Transfer. And we finished around 4.

And then Friday our car broke down in Hatcliff while performing a baptismal interview. I was driving over speed bumps, and shifting down to a lower gear as one should do, then after the third speed bump our stick-shift became a joy-stick. No gears anymore.

Somehow we managed to get it back to the mission office., and then around 8pm we received a replacement car.

Saturday the replacement car also broke down in the evening, they called a tow truck this time. But fortunately we had plenty of time before hand to work with brother Madziro. And then Sunday we got to enjoy walking to church as well as to our area. It is a long walk.

Fun Fact: in just 4 days I drove over 520km. That's how much errands we had.

But honestly, the most amazing thing happened on Sunday because we walked.

We walked to our area, and a rain storm was brewing in the distance. We went to see one family but they were busy. We had no appointments and with no car, we couldn't travel to most of our investigators. Then I felt very strongly that we needed to see a particular brother named Makabvure. Only it was 5pm and I was certain he started work at 4pm. I told my companion and also told him that I was certain he wouldn't be home, but that we needed to go check his house. He asked me "What type of faith is that?" but we went anyway. Sure enough he wasn't home, but just two houses down there was an older man sitting outside. So I told my companion "I won't let this be a wasted journey, lets talk to this man." When we met with him, we talked to him and introduced the church, and he seemed pretty interested. The only problem is that he doesn't work in Harare. He told us he just got home Saturday Morning from working past Victoria Falls for the last two months, and that he was also supposed to leave that same Saturday for Kwekwe. However he wanted to visit his family before he is gone for more months, and he decided to stay for a few extra days. So we literally found him at the most perfect time. The only time he would be around. We got his contact information and he agreed to let us give them to missionaries in Kwekwe. That was the only person we met that day, but I feel it was the one we were supposed to find.

Truly the Lord is mindful of all things. And all things work together for His good.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf. These next few weeks should be awesome.

Much love to you all,

-Elder Wilcken

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