Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week Sixty-One: Baptisms in the Rain

Hello everyone, how are things?

It is very rainy here. The rainy season started a lot earlier this year. I think last year it was around January. But with our area of only one paved road, and probably hundreds if not thousands of dirt roads, it can be quite interesting. Now you can define interesting.

So today is MLC Monday, meaning tomorrow the Zone Leaders will meet together to discuss how the mission is doing and the such. Other than that, next week is transfers. (which is why MLC is this Tuesday instead of the first Tuesday of the month). So the report for our zone is we did amazing. We got 38 Baptisms out of our goal of 66. Now why is that amazing you may ask? Because that is still 38 sons and daughters of God who got baptized. Which is always amazing. But also because we still managed to get that many despite many being rained out.

So for example, this last Saturday we went to Queensdale in the morning to support the first baptism there in nearly two years (from our records). The day started with the wedding of the baptismal candidate to her husband.

Then she got baptized, by her husband.

And then by the time they got into the water it was raining.

Then we had to travel back to our area, and deal with a whole bunch of excitement with he rain and mud and pakaipa. In fact our baptism was scheduled at 2 in Damafalls. After many weeks of having no water, we finally had water. But now we had too much water and the weather made the outside baptism undoable. So we traveled to Tafara and once again baptized there.

This is the Vale Family, a wonderful family introduced to us by Brother Madziro.

And then following the baptism I suddenly felt like I was in school again.

But despite the difficulties, all went very well.

And now it is time for me to prepare for tomorrow. So I hope you all enjoy the week.

-Elder Wilcken

PS: also the LDS Christmas Initiative "Light the World" is starting up this week! be sure to check it out at

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