Monday, May 30, 2016

Week Thirty-Two: Transfers, Changes, and Busy-ness

Hello Everyone that I care for (that includes you),

This week has been very busy. Last Sunday we scheduled a few teaching appointments throughout the week. But then surprise, this week had chaos explode in the office and we had to postpone all of them continually. It kind of sucked, but it's okay. The people understand. I've been on exchanges with Elder Mativavarira while my companion has been with Elder Gundani all week. So I've been learning Fleets and he has been learning Flats.

The were many sad things, many terrible things, but also many fun things and all is well now.

Much to my surprise though, I had a great experience with Elder Mativavarira in teaching. We never really got along in the office, but this week that changed completely. We were forced to spend time together and we started getting along well, making jokes, running errands, I learned that car batteries have liquid in them (who knew?). It was all much fun. Then on Friday, President gets a call from some sister missionaries who were told to go to the District Administrator of their town to explain what they are doing and prove they are not political.

So President told Elder Mativavarira and I, "You need to go and help them out" so we went. We met with the DA and found ourselves in a room with the Lady behind the Desk, and 4 others taking notes. We then had to explain what our missionaries do, why they do it, what we teach, etc. So we taught the Restoration and Plan of Salvation, explained the mission service, and many other things. It felt like the book/movie "Day of Defense".

They then asked if we had any material and we promised we would be right back with books and Pamphlets. So we went and picked up the Sisters, got some pamphlets and Books of Mormons, and then returned. We then all worked together to introduce the Book of Mormon, the lessons, and set return appointments. It was great. They all were very impressed.

So yeah, teaching still goes on. Though things are busy the Lord provides a way. After the meeting with the DA we then went for lunch and while in the store, I met someone and invited them to take the lessons and visit church. I then saw someone sitting outside, so I gave the sisters my food to hold then I went and sat by him to talk to him. After a few minutes I invited him to church. It was a wonderful experience.

I know our Heavenly Father blesses us in our efforts to serve his Children. I know that he lives and loves us all.

In other news, I am getting transferred from the office for a whole transfer, then I likely will return. But for the next 6 weeks, I will be emailing on Mondays again. So keep that in mind!

Have a great week,
-Elder Wilcken

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