Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week Twenty-Five: Mission Tour and Trainings

Hello you,

This week was a very good week.

So firstly it was the Mission Tour where Elder Carl B. Cook from the Africa South East Area Presidency came and visited the mission to see how things are going. There were 4 different Zone Conferences and A lot of business. But more on that in a second.

President Mkhabela approved Elder Shepherd and I to go to a zone activity on Monday with our zone, so we got to go learn how to Golf with members of our ward. It was a lot of fun. We were at a driving range and they taught us the techniques. But I discovered I am better at hitting the grass than the golf balls. There was not much grass in my area when I finished.

Then on Tuesday we had our zone's conference. President Cook presided and President and Sister Ashton from the SA MTC were there as well. (President Ashton is the sond of Marvin J Ashton)
 We got to learn about the organization of the church, How decisions are made throughout the quorums, and also more about the importance of obedience and conversion.

Now for some interesting conversations I never thought I'd have:
I was standing by the door to the cultural hall reading the Book of Enos while we were taking a short break. Then someone walked through the door and passed me while saying "That's a good book." I looked up to see Elder Cook walking away.
Later while we were in the office afterwards, I was finishing the binding on some booklets and then I look up to see Elder Cook standing next to me holding his phone. "Do you know the password for the Wifi?"

Then as he was leaving he gave Elder Shepherd and I some reassurance "Don't worry, we will see about getting you guys a couple so that you can go back to proselyting. Which brings me to the next topic, we are likely in the office for another transfer.

Though there is a couple here that we are training to relieve us from office duty, we learned just this week that they are going back to SA from 31 March to 12 April. During the busiest time in the office, transfer week and MLC week. So if no one is here things will fail. So if they aren't here, we need to be.

However there is wonderful news, our Eternal Investigator in Highlands, the one who has been investigating for a year and 7 months, the one who said she would get married only when she felt it was time, has finally picked a date for baptism! 1 April 2016. And yes, its because of that joke. Part of it is because she wants it to be an intimate group of people. Which is part of why she hadn't one it before. She doesn't want everyone to make a big deal about it and the whole ward to show up. So she got approval for it to happen on Friday so not a lot of people would be able to make it. Also there is talk of her being baptized in her pool. I know it really does sound like an April fools joke, but it is serious.

So that's life so far this week.

But in any case, things are doing well.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. May the Lord bless you in all that you do.
-Elder Wilcken

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