Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week Seventeen: Understanding Different Humor

Hello again my wonderful loved ones. This email serves as a notice that I need more emails to respond to. I understand it is hard to email Friday nights, but that is okay. You don't need to. You can email me any day of the week, and I will be able to respond when I have my Preparation day. If you don't email me now, before you know it I will be back from my mission. Alma 34:33.

Now onto the rest of the stuff.

This week has been a lot more intense with learning. The Hermansen's are going home on the 26th, this Tuesday. So they are teaching us everything and anything we may need to know. I have also started to learn President Mkhabela's sense of humor. At first he seemed intimidating, and always serious. But that is part of the humor. The thing is, everyone takes him seriously. Once I learned to recognize when things were jokes, I started to feel much more comfortable in the office, and have a lot more fun.

For instance this is one interaction we had:
Mkhabela: "Elder Wilcken, who fills up the candy in this jar."
Wilcken: "Sister Hermansen does, and don't worry, I will continue."
M: "Don't do it. We don't need it." *as he is putting a piece of candy in his mouth*
W: "Okay president."
M: "Unless you have a good reason."
W: "Well it makes people happy and they work harder when they are happy."
M: "Okay, that is a good reason."

Other things have happened like president asking an Elder:
"Did you do what I asked you to do today?"
 Elder: "I don't know what you mean"
Mkhabela: "What did I ask you to do today?"
 Elder: "Nothing?"
Mkhabela: "Okay, so you did do it."

Other Than that, things have been pretty quiet. I do my work, we are pretty busy. But it is wonderful that we have had the opportunity to teach a few lessons this week as well. We have three progressing investigators! As President Mkhabela says, what really matters is the Lord's work. All other things can wait.

Today Elder Shepherd and I want to go on a hike to see some cave paintings. So there may or may not be pictures later. Until then,

Have a wonderful week,
-Elder Wilcken

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