Saturday, February 6, 2016

To Anyone Who May Want to Send Me Things

Feel free to do so, there is no issue with this.

This email is only for information, and is not in any way a request for mail/packages.

I am now in charge of the Mission Mail, so I am the one who receives the packages and letters for missionaries and distributes it. And so now I know exactly the best way to do it. I also have more opportunity to send letters, as I am in charge of the pouch mail system as well.

So everyone knows, this is what you should do:
Address the package and/or letter like this:

Elder Daniel Joseph Wilcken
65 Enterprise Road
Highlands, Harare

If it is a package, make sure on the customs order you declare the contents as any of the following that applies:
missionary items (socks, ties, etc)
sweets (candy, snacks, etc)
Claim the value of the package as under $30, and it probably should be.

Please be advised it will cost a lot to actually ship the package and so do it with caution. I am unsure how much it costs because it is different on this side. It will also take a very long time probably for it to actually arrive in Zimbabwe.

Have a wonderful week,
-Elder Wilcken

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