Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week Sixty-Nine: To Paraphrase the Words of Joseph Smith Jr.

We taught people and had three baptisms.
("I taught a sermon and baptized three")

Dear everyone,

This week was a great week. We had the baptism of Sister Sarah, and things went very smoothly despite only having two members, 4 missionaries, and her daughter in attendance. It was a wonderfully sweet service.

Then the sisters in town had a fall-through with their "John the Baptist". And had no one to perform the ordinance. So for the first time in just under a year, I entered the waters of Baptism. It was wonderful. So much so that I then also volunteered for the other baptism that the other set of sisters was having at the furthest chapel. It is wonderful to be able to perform such important ordinances.

But ultimately, I will say, those who have the opportunity to attend baptismal services should attend. It really is so wonderful when there are many people to show support as someone makes such a big step in their lives. Our baptism had a total of 7 people to support. The Sisters in town had 8. And they were alright, but the happiest individuals baptized were those of the third baptism, who had a full room of people in attendance. Sure you may not know the individual, they may not remember you were there, but it will mean a lot for them to know that people care for them.

But nevertheless, this week was a wonderful week. And tomorrow Elder Ellis of the Seventy is coming to Gweru to have a missionary Zone Conference.

I know this work is truly God's work. I hope you all will know as I know, if you don't know.

Much love to you all,

-Elder Wilcken

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