Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week Seventy-One: It is Not Requisite That a Man Run Faster Than He Has Strength

And so I didn't, President's orders.

Dear Everyone,

This week we had MLC and learned powerful things about Zone Culture, obedience, etc. We each were told to come up with the culture we wanted to see in our zones. I came up with something simple. "Acknowledge flaws but don't accept them. When you accept them you cease progressing. Strive for constant improvement, to be even as He is, Flawless."

President shared with us his culture, the one he wanted us to adopt. "Don't allow Achan into your zone." This is in reference to the account in Joshua of the Old Testament, how one man, Achan, disobeyed the Lord and brought the whole of the children of Israel under condemnation.

When we returned from MLC I was feeling great, much healthier than I had been with my slight flu. Wednesday Morning I awoke and had a terrible, terrible flu. I slept most of the day and actually had to have the sisters come from their area to drive us in our car to the clinic. Then they dropped us off at home and returned to their area. Then on Thursday we had interviews with President Mkhabela that we had to organize and run, and he told me to go home and rest for the rest of the day. So Friday was the first day in the area for us this week, and yet we still had a pretty productive week. Primarily because of the Tamwa family.

I love this family, they are the best ever. We started them on a Book of Mormon read-through from 1 Nephi chapter 1. We read with them and expounded the scriptures, then left. When we returned they were on chapter 2, and not yet finished because they frequently would pause to explain to each other and ask questions. This family is so wonderful. On Sunday they brought another less-active family to church, and they all enjoyed it.
However they encountered a trial that they are working through. The father encountered a serious sickness and is now on a multiple-month medication course. And as a result, his marriage and baptism needs to be postponed because he is home-bound for a couple weeks. Yet he told us to not make his daughters wait, and to let them be baptized this weekend, so the two girls will be baptized on Saturday.

The work is progressing very well. Key Indicators for missionaries changed recently, so now we only report Baptized and Confirmed, Investigators with Baptismal Date, Investigators who attend Sacrament Meeting, and New Investigators. So it is now interesting.

But this work is good. This gospel is true. I know it so much. I cannot deny it. I love you all. Have a wonderful week.
-Elder Wilcken

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