Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week Twenty-Seven: 25%

Hello my Family,

This week marked a milestone in my mission. I have completed 6 Months of Mission. I have 18 Months left. I am now a Sister Missionary. However once I have 6 Months left I will no longer be a Sister Missionary because I will have surpassed a sister missionary.

And because there was no Assistants to the President, Elder Shepherd and I went to the Airport to pick up the new missionaries. It was so exciting. Looking through the Window down and them coming through customs and getting their bags, it was like looking through a nursery window at the new "baby" missionaries. They were so green. Haha

There were 5 new sisters, and in case you haven't figured out the math, these are the ones going home with my group. So it made it feel like time has flown by. In fact, the missionaries coming in after this will all leave after I do now!

Also there was a baptism last night! The baptism of Claudia! She's the one in the middle with the flowers. Auntie Sheilla is the Mama next to her who knows how to take care of missionaries. Every week for a looong time, she has had missionaries over for Dinner Appointments and lessons. Elder Oleson, the one between me and her, is the "Oldest Living Child" as he used to visit often. Elder Shepherd and I are the youngest children currently. There is a wall in her house with all the Elders she considers her children. We call it the "Wall of Fam(ily)"

This was by far the best baptism I've been to in Zimbabwe. It was by far the best organized and planned. This was the first one ever to have a program.

Anyway, this week was good. The Lord has certainly been blessing us. The Mission is growing, the office is productive, and the workers in the field are happy and healthy. I know this is the Lord's work that he would have me do.

I love you all, have a wonderful week.
-Elder Wilcken

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