Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week Twenty-Seven and a Half: Special Email Home Relating to the Temple Announcement

Hello my loved ones!

It is so very exciting! The greatest news in the church in Zimbabwe! President Mkhabela gave me permission to send one email home today since my P-day already passed.

This is the most exciting thing ever. You have no idea how much joy we have here.

Last night we (the 4 office elders) had a Dinner Appointment with a family in our ward at 5:00pm. They told us at church that we'd have dinner then we could stay and watch conference live with them. (The Sunday morning session).

Now this family is the greatest, every Sunday they have us over for Dinner. The Husband works at the US Embassy and the Wife is from Brazil. They both served missions so they know all the rules we must follow, and they make sure we do.

We ate dinner quickly, then all sat down on the couches. Then President Monson came to the pulpit. Then he said 4 new temples, and my mind thought "What if he said Zimbabwe" Then he said it. "Harare Zimbabwe". And then we all lost it. We actually didn't hear about the Brazil or Peru temples because we were too excited.

So much excitement, immediately texts were sent to zone leaders. The pure Joy, we could barely stay seated. High fives and hugs (between the Elders only). It was wonderful.

The funniest thing to us was when later it was talked about the excitement in Thailand. Because that was almost exactly what happened. Within minutes most of the mission knew. By the end of the night, everyone knew.

Now for events of the past that all connect and make sense now:
In the MTC we all talked about the potential for a Temple in Zimbabwe, and how cool it would be.
When Elder Cook was here for Mission Tour, he talked multiple times about "When Zimbabwe has a temple of it's own" or the future "Harare Zimbabwe Temple"
President Mkhabela has been trying to move all elders out of the transfer house (which resides on the church property next to the mission office and chapel) for the past few weeks.
I've heard many stories of General Authorities coming to Zimbabwe and mentioning how this property would be wonderful for a temple.
And twice this week we have had pipes burst in the transfer house, as well as many other problems arise which could all be solved if it was demolished.
We have no idea for certain where the temple would be. The common theory for everyone is that it will be where the transfer house is currently, because the church property here is huge. But if it is here, I can say along with 3 other elders, that we were the last to live on the temple grounds.
But it is all speculation at this point.

I love you all, thank you so much for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the people of Zimbabwe.
-Elder Wilcken

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