Monday, January 4, 2016

Week Thirteen: Birthday, Christmas, and All That Good Stuff

Merry Late Christmas (and Happy New Year!)
So everyone knows, my birthday was really something special. After doing some work in the areas, our zone went to visit a family for each companionship to sing Christmas Carols for them! At most of the houses, we sang our rendition of Far Far Away on Judea's Plains. Most were so impressed that they asked us to sing another song, even though we said we would only sing one. So we would quickly pick another one, and we would sing it (and it would still be pretty impressive).

After the caroling, my companion and I returned to our "Family", the Rabsons, for dinner, along with 3 other companionships. I arrived with the second group, as we were delayed a few minutes. So they were able to ambush me.

There is a tradition here in Africa, of "baptizing" the birthday person with buckets of water, and sometimes other things as well, like flour, sand, or charcoal. I was fortunate enough that they only chose water. I was going to be wet, but clean. Then I made a bad choice, I ran. As soon as I saw the bucket behind the wall, I ran. I thought I was safe, but then I tripped into someone's garden. As soon as I hit the ground I gave up. I accepted my fate, and I laid there in the mud as they poured bucket after bucket on me. Then one of the Elders helped me up, we all had a good laugh, many happy pictures were taken, and then I got to go inside, shower, and change into the clean clothes they so thoughtfully ironed and brought for me. We then had a lovely dinner followed by a birthday cake with my "Family" of friends and missionaries.

Then on Christmas we got to visit that family, the Rabsons, again.Then in the evening as a zone we had a Christmas Braai while missionaries called home to their families.

Even better, on Saturday we had a baptism for one of our investigators! She is the cousin of the First convert I baptized, and the grandchild of the Grandparents I baptized last time. This family has really been growing in the gospel. She was then able to be confirmed on Sunday, and now we just need to help her stay active!

This upcoming week is the end of the transfer, the end of my 12 week training, and my companion, Elder Makoni is pretty sure he will be transferred. It is all moving along very well
Ponderizing D&C 37:4, It is important to remember people have the freedom to choose to accept the gospel or not, to be obedient or not.

Until next week, I have been so blessed this past year to be on the Lord's side. I know he blesses me and I am so thankful for his guidance in my life.

-Elder Wilcken

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