Monday, January 4, 2016

Week Fourteen: Unexpected Changes at Transfers

My dear loved ones,

This is the 1st day of transfer 3/17. And much to my surprise, I was taken from Bindura! Even more to my surprise, I've been called to serve in the Mission Office under the title "Special Assignment"! My new companion, Elder Shepherd, and I are the new office Elders replacing the office couple, the Hermansens. Elder Shepherd is the new financial secretary and I am the new front desk secretary.

Elder Shepherd is starting his 4th transfer and I am starting my 3rd. Never before has an Elder gone to the office straight from the first 12-week training. This is completely unexpected and crazy, but I am so excited.

The Office Elders have their preparation days on Saturdays instead of Mondays, so until I leave the Office, people should write to me by Friday night instead of Sunday night.

It is likely that we will be here until the new office couple arrives, in about 5 months. Unless the Lord has different plans of course.

Elder Shepherd is from Utah, and apparently he was supposed to be in my MTC group, but they moved his entry date up 6 weeks. So far we are getting along wonderfully. He seems to be a really cool Elder.

In other news, this last week was very slow, as it was the end of the transfer. Not a lot of work was able to be done unfortunately. And now it seems while I'm in the office not a lot will be done, proselyting-wise. But I will still be very busy helping the mission run better. I'll apparently be in charge of mail, baptismal records, having candy on my desk for the missionaries, etc.

I had pictures to send, but I left them in my bag at our house. But with the better network connection, hopefully I'll be able to send more.

Ponderizing scripture:  D&C 121:34-36, 39-40 (Lest I get to boastful with this calling.)

Until next week, I love you all.

-Elder Wilcken

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